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Splat provides young people with access to high-quality education programs that foster self-belief, impart valuable skills, and create a sense of belonging. 

Offering focused extra-curricular activities with qualified staff ensures flexibility to adapt to the unpredictable school year. With a maximum of 8 scheduled classes per term, Splat prevents clashes with the school calendar and accommodates unforeseen closures. Embracing wonderfully weird activities, Splat empowers kiwi kids to discover their spark.

Recognizing the uniqueness of every school and child, we provide a range of specialized programs not feasible within a typical school day. Dedicated to inclusivity, Splat offers a free scholarship space for a child identified by the school as benefiting from our programs.

Handling multiple classes in dance, drama, and sport, Splat minimizes contacts and administrative burden. Developing confident, engaged students with a positive outlook further enhances the overall benefit to the school.

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