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Splat Classes    Are...

  • Open to students of all backgrounds and experience levels

  • Only $21.50 per lesson (with a free trial class for new students) 

  • Held once a week with up to 8 classes each school term

  • Open to new students at any point in the term

  • Taught by experienced teachers with extensive backgrounds in education, performing arts and sports coaching

  • Taught in a way that is inclusive, encouraging and most of all FUN

Our incredible drama program filled with games and original scripts suited for students in year 1 to year 8. We don’t mind if your little superstar is as shy as a sloth or as outgoing as an orangutan. Splat! has you covered. 

Our drama classes are designed for every child to have a great time and improve their self-confidence in a fun, judgment free space.

  • Original scripts with hilarious characters

  • New drama-based games every class

  • An end of term performance friends and family are welcome to watch

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Activate is our one-of-a-kind sports based program with a twist. Each week is a new adventure that our Splat! Squad must overcome. Whether the week’s theme is space or sea creatures, there will be  games and new sport’s-a-plenty. It’s time to let creativity take the lead as we play confidence-building warm-ups and team building exercises before finishing up with a sport with a Splat! twist. 

Activate promotes the excitement and fun from sport, not just the end result. Our totally original concept allows for children of all skill levels and abilities to be equally involved. This is a perfect way to try all kinds of new sports and activities while allowing the silliness to shine through. 

  • Every week a new sport to try

  • Lessons infused with a dramatic storyline

  • Team building exercises to help self-confidence

  • All sports equipment provided

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Splat! Dance blends choreography, creativity, and collaboration for a dance experience like no other.


  •  Learn routines spanning various styles including jazz, hiphop, tap and ballet

  • Create your own routines and design your own dance masterpieces under expert guidance

  • Play fun games to learn dance techniques and teamwork skills

  • Wrap up the term with a casual performance for friends and family to show the awesome moves you've made and learnt

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